Andy W. Clift

Andy W. Clift

Andy is an animator and illustrator. Since graduating in 2009, he has worked on many animated and live action films commercials in various roles from storyboard artist to director. Andy made the transition into comics working on a variety of books, both self-published and for different publishers including Marvel and Image.


Grainne McEntee


Grainne McEntee was born to and raised by a pack of God-fearing wolves in a cavernous hole punched in the side of a Drumlin in Cavan, Ireland. Copious amounts of cheese and crackers spawn her writing.  Stinking Bishop is her weapon of choice. And a pen.  Pens are good too.


Matt Rooke


Matt originally trained in graphic design, and splits his time as a freelance motion graphics designer with making comics. There’s a definite animal theme to his work (Orangutans; a sax playing ninja marmoset; a gentleman spy chimp), but he assures us he can draw humans too. He has tried his hand at mechanics, electronics, wood work, music. In short, he loves to make things.


Jon Scrivens

Raised on a diet of Dr Who, Star Trek and Ninja Turtles, Jon was destined to be a bit odd. From the age of 4, he has been creating his own comics and characters, always with a tone-less vocal accompaniment. Little Terrors! began life as a webcomic in 2006. After a brief moment of life imitating art, Jon re-launched the title as a printed series. He could teach Bruce Wayne a thing or two about leading a double life.


Brett Uren

Brett Uren

The self-styled ‘Toymaster’, who would be a misanthrope if he didn’t find so much to laugh at. If the joke is about murderous playthings, or dark rituals to open portals into pubs, he’s your man.

Complex stories exploring the spheres of philosophy, science and politics are only memorable if they revolve around strange/cute creatures, he says. It’s true. Check out a myth or fable sometime.