Bubbles O'Seven in Dr. O Cover image

Introducing Bubbles O’Seven, simian star of this first 16-page mini-comic in an explosive new series. His mission, to track down and neutralise the rogue threat of shadowy organisation, SpIWIT, is his greatest challenge to date. But is that mission as clear cut as it seems?

Dr O is the first antagonist in our series, born out of a botched experiment by MI7 in an effort to weaponise animals, the project known as Species Intelligence Weapon Integrated Technology (SpIWIT). Bubbles O’Seven was the closest the project came to being a success and he is now tasked with bringing home – or eliminating – the rogue subjects of said project.

But while Bubbles is in the employment of the very organisation that created him, we are left wondering in the end, where do his loyalties truly lie?

Issues #1-5 of Bubbles O’Seven now available at our Big Cartel shop