CityscAPEIn a world where all animals are created equal, control of the genome is the key to power.

There is a hairy hero in all of us. Like it or not, our DNA is hardwired that way.

Like the air we breathe, we share that DNA with our closest primate relatives. Somewhere along that path, we lost the essence. Apes ‘n’ Capes is a story that brings us together again.

In the pristine rainforests of the archipelago that would become known as Indonesia, a brief encounter between a gentle peace-loving tree-dweller and an Alien intelligence opens the door to an entirely different evolutionary history. Humanity fails to develop an appreciation of its place in the Cosmos, and an intellectual gap becomes a void, sucking the life out of the planet.

Fast forward to an age beyond technology. Humanity is struggling to drag itself out of its evolutionary black hole. In a Rainforest reborn, an unlikely alliance is struck up between Humans and Sun Bears, who also crave the red apes’ status.

An Orangutan who has never looked past the edge of his canopy, grows curious about his place in the world. The arrival of a caped stranger will bring him on a journey to realise that place…

Digital readers can purchase issues 1-4 on Comixology now!

Writer: Grainne McEntee
Artist/Letterer: Matt Rooke
Layout assistant: Lee Killeen