30 August

Getting some colour into both cheeks

You’ll have noticed that the last couple of pages from the comic, rather than being full of monochrome tones,¬†have been given a glorious colour makeover. We decided we like it so much that all forthcoming episodes will be rendered in a wide(ish) spectrum of colours, and we’re even doing a George Lucas (tampering, basically) on […]

16 August

Who is George Tremayne?

All will be revealed… on THURSDAY!

15 August

Web comic update

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It’s been a long while coming, but the penultimate page from part 1 of episode 1 has been released. And there’s an unexpected bonus too – it’s in colour! Stay tuned for the last page in this sequence, coming very very soon.

15 August

“There’s something about a man in suit…”

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…Especially when the suit is made from CGI and the man donning it is Andy Serkis. The last time I left a cinema with shivers down my spine was in 1999, thanks to the Wakowski Brothers. Now I have the vision of Rupert Wyatt and Andy Serkis to tweat my goosebumps. Not only does it […]

9 May

Comic Update: did you miss me?

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We’re back with page 5 of Episode 1, part 1. Well, did you miss us?