11 October

Work in progress – October 2011

The next couple of issues are finally underway. The writing and planning has been done, we’re getting ink down on paper (digitally, of course!), and with any luck we’ll get the last 2 parts of episode 1 out before the end of the year.  

30 August

Getting some colour into both cheeks

You’ll have noticed that the last couple of pages from the comic, rather than being full of monochrome tones,¬†have been given a glorious colour makeover. We decided we like it so much that all forthcoming episodes will be rendered in a wide(ish) spectrum of colours, and we’re even doing a George Lucas (tampering, basically) on […]

16 August

Who is George Tremayne?

All will be revealed… on THURSDAY!

24 February

Chairman of the board

The first part of episode 1 of Apes ‘n’ Capes is progressing nicely, albeit slowly at the moment. Here’s a panel sketch from page 3. Definitely not a primate pin-up.

7 January

By the riverside

A sketch from episode one.