1 January
13 November

Not the sunniest of dispositions

In Episode Two, we get to know the Sunbears a little better. Sporting long, sharp claws and teeth to make the most of the challenging rainforest environment in which they must forage, this omnivore is not to be messed with! The males can be very aggressive and when it comes to breeding, this is an […]

11 November

Introducing Dr Simone Waters

The upcoming episode introduces a human element to the storyline for the first time. Well, you didn’t think it was going to be all apes and bears did you?! Humanity has not spent a considerable period of time at the top of the food chain when set against the expanse of time since life first […]

3 July

Issue 1 is a sell out; a directors cut & July event; Orbital comics; issue 2 in production

Almost 2 months on from the launch, our initial run of 150 copies of Apes ‘n’ Capes #1 is almost sold out. We’re very pleased at how steady sales, and therefore interest, has been. And while we’re doing our best at promoting the comic, credit must go to Ian at Dead Universe Comics for being […]

26 April

We’ve been busy

The reason for this being our first blog post of 2012 is quite legitimate; we’ve been busy. Just this week, the last page of episode 1 was completed, more than a year since we started work on it (the episode, not the page!). For us, that’s quite a milestone, regardless of how long it has […]