20 September

Would be NICE to see you…

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Another month in the slow but steady progress of Apes ‘n’ Capes sees a journey to the Land of the Moore. This weekend – 22nd-23rd September – Wicksteed Park plays host to the Northants International Comics Expo. The line-up is impressive to say the least. And attendees get to see Uber Storyteller, Alan Moore, talk […]

22 July

Cap ‘n’ Cape

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Just another day in Aylesbury… yesterday saw the launch of Dead Universe Comics to wild acclaim. Guests included The Cap, Ape in Cape, Rollo Elias (pictured above), Batman, and a selection of zombies in honour of Will Axtell’s Aylesbury Dead. The usual suspects in the shape of local creators, born in the fires of the […]

7 July

It’s a world, but not as we know it…

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So what IS the story of Apes ‘n’ Capes actually about? A fair question. So let’s break it down a touch. The world they inhabit is not that different from ours. To subtly but obviously recreate a world, you just need to change one (or two) fundamental aspects and watch the genesis unfold. Much like […]

15 August

“There’s something about a man in suit…”

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…Especially when the suit is made from CGI and the man donning it is Andy Serkis. The last time I left a cinema with shivers down my spine was in 1999, thanks to the Wakowski Brothers. Now I have the vision of Rupert Wyatt and Andy Serkis to tweat my goosebumps. Not only does it […]

5 January

Somewhere in the Middle…

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Download your copy now! “It was long after the dust of the Universe had bonded to light the night sky.  It was long before we tilted our heads towards those points of light to wonder at our place in its Grand Design. But sometimes the Grand Designer likes to shake things up a little. Intervention […]