13 November

Not the sunniest of dispositions

In Episode Two, we get to know the Sunbears a little better. Sporting long, sharp claws and teeth to make the most of the challenging rainforest environment in which they must forage, this omnivore is not to be messed with! The males can be very aggressive and when it comes to breeding, this is an […]

11 November

Introducing Dr Simone Waters

The upcoming episode introduces a human element to the storyline for the first time. Well, you didn’t think it was going to be all apes and bears did you?! Humanity has not spent a considerable period of time at the top of the food chain when set against the expanse of time since life first […]

25 October

Mega Comic Mayhem!

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This weekend we join the great, the greater and the greatest at MCM Expo in London’s Excel Centre. The Dead Universe family comprising Little Terrors, Aylesbury Dead, Mystery Boys and Kuzimu amongst a plethora of lost souls determined to bring their creations to the world will be there in force! We will keep you appraised […]

5 October

Fleshing out Handel

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A macaque with attitude, Handel was one of the easier characters to settle upon. They are one of the most adaptable of primates capable of surviving in extreme conditions (which bodes well for this ally of George Tremayne – maybe….!) They spend most of their time on the ground. Their hands and eyes, inherited from […]

25 September

Sneak Preview of Episode 2

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