19 January

Hi! atus

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There comes a point in every primate’s life, when it’s time to knuckle down, put down those technological revolutions and return to primeval roots (or pencil and paper in this case). I must admit, it is a lot of fun sharing our progress and engaging with you highly-evolved naked apes who see promise in the story […]

15 January

Episode 2 – The Canopy Thickens!

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Greeting Ape-reciators! THEY HAVE ARRIVED… Those of you who so kindly gave the apes a chance to prove their worth, and pre-ordered your print copy of Issue #2 from the website before Christmas, will have your very own copy in your hands this week, along with our eternal thanks and a little surprise which we […]

1 January
22 December

2012. Rise of the Apes!

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We want to thank to each and all who helped make 2012 a great year. The people who came to say hello at comic conventions, some of whom left with a copy of Issue 1; the other creators we were honoured to meet; the comic book stores who have embraced the apes… 2013 starts with […]

24 November

Between Worlds

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At our very core, we primates crave homeostasis. We instinctively seek balance in every aspect of our lives: relationships, work and the dreaded scales (though that last one is usually reserved for us girls.) But in seeking that balance, we are potentially dampening our ability to readily adapt to change. Moving between worlds, in and […]