20 August

Episode 4 is underway!

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Well, we’ve signed off on the layouts, deftly completed by Mr Lee Killeen after some toing and froing (well, you know what writers are like). While it was difficult handing off some of the responsibility of our comic love-child, Lee has done some masterful things. We think overall that Episode 4 – “A World Apart” – […]

21 July

Apes. Together. Strong.

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I am an ape. A bona fide, hairy-assed, banana scoffing ape. I yearn for the trees. To do nothing more than build a nest beneath the sky and watch the sun set and reveal a starry blanket… When I first met the troupe of chimps parading through the jungle in the opening scene of the […]

7 July

A Massive, Hairy, Opposable Thumbs Up from the Apes!

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As we made our way North for the fourth Glasgow Comic Convention, we could have taken the downpour that struck as we approached the Scottish Border as a foreboding sign, but being devoid of a superstitious streak as we both are, we just knew we were headed in the right direction. Like Ireland, the weather […]

11 June

Murder! Corruption! In a city of….Toys?

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While we patiently wait for the Apes ’n’ Capes artist to finish the lines of Episode 4 in our hairy saga, another bear came along and grabbed our interest. When creator and Toymaster Brett Uren invited us into his world, how could we possibly refuse? Having worked with Brett previously on Adventures in Comics, it […]

25 January

A Toast to the Bard

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Wallace’s tribute to a fellow Scot. Enjoy your haggis, neeps and tatties, fellow primates. The vegetarian option isn’t so bad! A LION-TAILED TALE (TRADITIONAL VERSION) Shock? Nae horrur! Ripped frae me mammy But lil in arms nae lang efter Denied mah rightful place at teat, Did Ah arm ARM maeself tae th’ teeth! Lion tail […]