15 April
27 November
15 October

Between Missions: The Life & Times of a Simian Agent

Back Bubbles O’Seven’s mission on Kickstarter. ON HER MAJESTY’S SIMIAN SERVICE P Branch, MI7 HQ, A Crisp January Morning. Bubbles sauntered into the Professor’s domain, strolling past the rows of desks with the swagger of an ape who knows all eyes are on him. To be fair though, it was as much the swish of […]

10 September

Torsobear Review

In our materialistically-driven pursuit to secure a future for our children, we assign to the backs of our minds the very things that defined our own childhood. It’s all too easy to forget that we once tripped through the life fantastic, a small adult version of maturity yet to be shaped by the experiences that come to […]

5 September

A Dark Fluffy Yarn

Brett Uren’s Kickstarter is running right now for the third and final instalment of the fluffy epic, Torsobear: Back on the Blocks, so I’m writing a twisty versed yarn, in honour of that indomitable officer bear, Ruxby. Little pink bear, without a care, A bright shiny spark in dark, seedy lairs. His faith was tested all the […]