A Dark Fluffy Yarn

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Brett Uren’s Kickstarter is running right now for the third and final instalment of the fluffy epic, Torsobear: Back on the Blocks, so I’m writing a twisty versed yarn, in honour of that indomitable officer bear, Ruxby.

Little pink bear, without a care,
A bright shiny spark in dark, seedy lairs.
His faith was tested all the days,
Through seams and stitches parting ways.
Fashion for toys, each one of a kind,
Loosens the threadbare hold of his mind.

Behind the bright colours and sugar-coated veneer,
A darkness breeds evil and toys live in fear.
Playtime a lost time for the shunned and the broken,
Some prefer to forget, leave that time unspoken.
Friends and allies are measured, not by buttons or gifts,
But being there in troubled times, when a friend is adrift.

From tin made soldiers to forbidden bears,
Each has their place, each precious, each rare.
Build, dismantle, build again and again,
Shape in our image, blocks of toy men.
Buy, sell, collect and exchange,
No thought for the lives, they wound and maim.

Yes, those Sugary Hills leave a hard, bitter taste,
The price of that sweetness hand-me-down waste.
Walk a mile in his paws then know what it means,
To care in a world that steals all your dreams.
When a bear must learn to not play by the rules,
To protect toys that he loves from power-fluffed fools.

So tonight when we lay down in clockwork dreams,
Showered in lemonade rain and jelly beans,
Think a moment on Ruxby’s tale as it ends,
While Toyburg goes on, endless break to mend.
And still and forever toys silently scream,
All not what it seems beneath the quietly serene.

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