Apes: The Tail So Far

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Poster Pin Up for Issue 4 by Simone Guglielmini

Poster Pin Up for Issue 4 by artist Simone Guglielmini

Apes ‘n’ Capes is a tale of primates – naked and hairy – set in an alternate universe where our evolutionary ancestors are intelligent, underestimated beings on a journey to becoming so much more. But as with any story, of course, there are certain Humans out there who have other plans, plans to keep that search for balance in our world in their favour while others weep at the injustice of it all.

But we primates crave and strive for homeostasis. We instinctively seek balance in every aspect of our lives: relationships, work, cheque books… In seeking that balance, we potentially dampen our ability to readily adapt to change. Moving between worlds, in and out of our comfort zones, keeps our senses sharp and tuned to the worlds and lives we inhabit. This is one of the many secrets of George Tremayne, the primate protagonist of our hirsute tale. As we end the first arc of Apes ‘n’ Capes which introduces a Sunbear-shaped virus, a cyber-genetic construct in the shape of a female macaque and the divided consciousness of ape and woman, we wonder where will the second part of the story lead. There’s more to the macaque known as HANDEL than meets the eye and Wallace the Lion Tail will keep you entertained with his cutting Scottish jibes. One thing we do know, the Cape is more than just A Cape. The Computer Assisted Primate Experience will open gateways to understanding the truth of our origins that we never imagined.

But it’s not all about the hairy ones. The humans in our alternate world tale weave a wary tale of those who can and cannot be trusted with the truth of the matter. But the truth WILL out. It always does.

Apes ‘n’ Capes 4, completing the first arc of our hairy saga, will be available on Table A5 in the Comic Village at London Super Comic Convention this weekend at £3.95 or you can grab the complete arc (1-4) in bundle form for the bargainy price of £12.

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