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George sleeps

George Slumbers

The Computer Assisted Primate Experience is the core of Tremayne Primatonics, originally designed to expand, explore and reveal the true potential of our fellow apes. And if you’ve caught up with our hairy heroes in Episode 4, you’ve probably guessed that there’s more to HANDEL than meets the eye. His talents would be wasted as a monkey butler! He is the software behind the CAPE.

Things take a dark turn when the technology falls under the umbrella of Crescent Industries… but that’s a story for another episode.

For now, we want you to get to know the characters – the apes and the humans – that breath life into this story. There are many, many layers to the Apes n Capes world and we’ve only just scratched the surface.

So what’s next for George Tremayne and his cohorts? Will he wake the same ape? And what is with Wallace’s obsession with bears?

We hope you’ll stay until the end of the story. It’s a whole new world. By the end of it all, we hope you’ll see our hairy, evolutionary ancestors in a whole new way.

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