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Bouncing it at Thoughtbubble

Bouncing it at Thoughtbubble with Andy W Clift and cohorts.

So there we were.

Lined up alongside a motley crew that comprised Gibson Grey (Lloyd and the Bear), Dean Beattie (Random Trials), Dave Stokes (Some bloke who draws really quite well) Phil Buckenham (Rented to the Dead) and Marc Laming (Planet of the Apes). What chance did we have against such stars of paper & ink?

We had a really great convention. It’s one of those atmospheres where a multitude of chemicals from a multitude of universes collide and cross-contaminate – in a good way obviously. It makes for some pretty special alchemy, which is what comics are. If, as a creator, you fail to end the weekend without finding inspiration on some level, well, maybe your chosen vocation requires reassessment and recalibration.

That, plus a great atmosphere at the Saturday night gathering, made for debauchery that could only be found in the olden days of Sodem and Getonwithye. Be warned – the adage “What goes on tour stays on tour” morphs into “What goes on tour, ends up being photographed/filmed/drawn/turned into a comic and laid bare for public consumption.” Never miss an opportunity. That’s what being a comic creator is about. And no finer forum to exercise those gifts there be than Thoughtbubble.

As the collective known as Bounce Comics, we learned some lessons though. LESS IS MORE. Especially when it comes to displaying your creative wares on a 6*2 table. Too many wonderful things  (Bertie Bear 3, Little Terrors Origins, Apes ‘n’ Capes 4 and most significantly, the tour de comic force that is Torsobear) simply did not have the chance to breathe. Jostling for space in the eyes of their beholders, watching the punters walk by was akin to watching Dave go on his astro trip in 2001: A Space Odyssey – So many colours… Look at all the pretty stars… We will do it again. And we will do it better.

Simply, Thoughtbubble is a Feastival. If you like one that’s honest about what a comic convention actually is. It is a celebration of – that’s right – COMICS. Something the big ones seem to have forgotten to a degree. Thoughtbubble stands on the brink. Walking that fine line right now. So as the parades of semi-clad cosplayers dazzle and sparkle in overcrowded halls and merchandise stalls block your view so definitely you can’t even see Comics Creators Village, let’s do what we can to keep the tightrope taut and true in Leeds. For creators and appreciators of their creations. Always.

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