The Naked Ape Edition

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Greetings Fellow Primates!

As the Leeds Thought Bubble Comic Con looms and the pressure is on to complete, we have made a slightly unusual decision – to produce a Naked Ape edition, the full, lettered story but pencils only, cover-to-cover. The Hairy Ape edition (in full inky glory) will still be produced before Christmas, but we are determined to launch #4 at Thought Bubble (15th and 16th November). The fourth issue is, after all, long overdue!

In the interests of maintaining our stance as altruistic apes, we wanted to give you too the opportunity of purchasing a digital download of The Naked Ape Edition (which has already been offered to our Kickstarter backers). This edition will be available for download next week, the day it goes to print in time for the Thought Bubble Comic Con. We hope you’ll give it go. Us Indy types like a chance to prove ourselves, we need the bread. So we can retain as much of the revenue possible for future book production and pour that into producing a series we hope you will continue to enjoy.

Below is page 11, which Matt has just completed to give you an idea of what’s on offer.

Any questions? Drop us a line on We promise to “Ook Ook” slowly.

A Young Ben Tremayne Contemplates.

A Young Ben Tremayne Contemplates.

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