Episode 4 is underway!

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Well, we’ve signed off on the layouts, deftly completed by Mr Lee Killeen after some toing and froing (well, you know what writers are like).

A young (contrite?) Lilian Craig

It wasn’t me!

While it was difficult handing off some of the responsibility of our comic love-child, Lee has done some masterful things. We think overall that Episode 4 – “A World Apart” – will sparkle thanks to his contribution, and of course, it massively speeds up the main artist’s task of bringing it to life. Boonus!

We plan to launch #4 at ThoughtBubble Festival in Leeds this November, and are really looking forward to spending some time with the Bounce Comics crew (Andy W Clift, Jon Scrivens, Brett Uren) – our latest collaboration that we’re going to give the space to blossom in its own sweet time (with the occasional nudge if it gets too comfortable in its evolutionary niche!)

In other news, Episode 3 has FINALLY been submitted to and accepted by Comixology, so watch this space ________________ (yes, that one) for its release date.

Matt has also been working on a collaboration with writer Patrick Cline on the “coming to your Marmo-Set soon” title, Toots Malloy, Blues Ninja – four little words that roll off the tongue as smoothly as a Samurai under cover of dark and will undoubtedly be a treat for your optic nerves.

And with another new title Bubbles O’Seven – Simian Agent plotted out, and plans for a Kickstarter campaign to fund the continuing saga that is Apes ‘n’ Capes, 2015 is going to be a rollickingly fun and busy year.

Keep on swingin’ (but make sure you tuck when you roll…)

G & M

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