Apes. Together. Strong.

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MauriceI am an ape. A bona fide, hairy-assed, banana scoffing ape. I yearn for the trees. To do nothing more than build a nest beneath the sky and watch the sun set and reveal a starry blanket…

When I first met the troupe of chimps parading through the jungle in the opening scene of the Rise of Apes, I allowed myself to be transported back to that simpler time. From the opening scene, I felt a real connection with what I was watching. Rise was epic in its vision and storytelling.

Dawn was not disappointing. Andy and his fellow apes performed their hearts out. And apes on horseback wielding machine guns? Because give a chimp a tool and he will use it. It was a CGI joy and one of the best parts? Knowing that technology has closed the door on using apes in entertainment.

Now onto the stuff I missed. There wasn’t enough human action. Yeah, yeah I know the clue is in the title of the movie! But I couldn’t help feeling Dreyfus’ character was massively underused. Cornelia seemed to end up on the cutting room floor as well but hopefully we will see more development of these characters in the third instalment.

The biggest surprise for me. Koba. He shone. He suffered immeasurably at the hands of humans and when he witnessed the arsenal of weaponry in their hands who could not but understand his reaction? But Karma delivers its truth always and it was quite poetic that he should meet the same face as his tormentor. Koba became the product of his environment. Nurture defines us. It defines who we are and how we shape the world around us. Like Caesar. Like Koba. Caesar is the best we try to be, Koba is what we truly are. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes cuts deep. Watch it. Let it.

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