A Massive, Hairy, Opposable Thumbs Up from the Apes!

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Thumbs Up, Glasgow!

Thumbs Up, Glasgow!

As we made our way North for the fourth Glasgow Comic Convention, we could have taken the downpour that struck as we approached the Scottish Border as a foreboding sign, but being devoid of a superstitious streak as we both are, we just knew we were headed in the right direction. Like Ireland, the weather is what makes the country so lush and endows regular folk with the souls of poets, thinkers and drinkers.

We didn’t know what to expect. We did get more than we bargained for. Spear-headed by the indomitable form of Sha Nazir, who, despite calling his publishing company, Black Hearted, certainly does not possess the same. Five minutes talking to him was all we needed to realise his passion for independent comics and their creators shines like a beacon in blackest night.

The organisation and the con crew were second to none. (Gemma – you were a star). Despite being spread over three venues, with the Creators Hub at the top of a hill you almost needed mountaineering equipment to scale, this did not deter the many wonderful local folks from making the effort to see what the independents had to offer.

A modest sized room housing 29 tables and their creators made for an intimate experience. Warm, laid back and thoroughly stress free. A far cry from the utter madness and Dementor-esque experience that is London MCM. Don’t get me wrong. We do quite well at the big conventions, usually enough sales to cover our costs, but the relentlessness of a weekend at ExCeL can sap the most ironclad of souls.

So on the flipside, there is Glasgow Comic Con. And despite a 15-hour road trip there and back again, we’d do it again. And again.

Even Han can't resist sniffing the neck of SIBCA success! Colin & Neil clean up at the independent awards.

Even Han can’t resist sniffing the neck of SIBCA success! Colin & Neil clean up at the independent awards.

Though we missed A Piss Up in the Brewery at Drygate on the Sunday evening (Sorry, Sha! We heard it was a cracking evening…), we braved the SICBA Awards the night before, to witness 3-time former losers Colin Bell (Dogooder Comics) and Neil Slorance clean up with their creation Dungeon Fun. Colin takes the definition of “independent” to new heights. These boys are two to watch.

Every convention has its highs and lows. The one low I experienced personally was being able to sample only 3 of about 60 types of tequila in a Mexican bar on Sauchiehall Street.

Highs as always, are supplied in no short measure by fellow creators. Making the acquaintance of Craig Collins (also a SICBA nominee), Jack Teagle (who travelled from Cornwall no less) and Tim Stampton (Irish Faerie Folk) who ventured from his stead in Donegal, as well as a well-spent hour of company and conversation with Adam Murphy (photo below) and his partner Lisa. Having moved from our neck of the woods to live in Glasgow after securing a gig with the Phoenix Comic, Corpse Talk has helped Adam and Lisa realise and live the dream, something to which so many of us aspire.

To top it all off the boys from Screenkicker Movies came over for a chat. I gave them my best monkey/ape impression, though whether they were impressed or not? The jury is still out. (PS They have now confirmed that they were indeed impressed. Phew! My reputation remains intact!)

Phoenix Adam Murphy displays his assets!

Phoenix Adam Murphy displays his assets!

We’re not going to give Glasgow Comic Con marks out of ten. That would be an insult. It is so much more than a number and if you want to add to it, we’d very much recommend booking your table when the time comes round. We will.

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