Murder! Corruption! In a city of….Toys?

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Ruxby is a bear not to be toyed with!

Ruxby is a bear not to be toyed with!

While we patiently wait for the Apes ’n’ Capes artist to finish the lines of Episode 4 in our hairy saga, another bear came along and grabbed our interest.

When creator and Toymaster Brett Uren invited us into his world, how could we possibly refuse? Having worked with Brett previously on Adventures in Comics, it was a no brainer for these chimps. The man behind the surreal and wonderful graphic novel Kuzimu and the supernatural tale of The Vale is set to ignite the independent comic book scene with the incredible tales from Torsobear.

Torsobear is an original 104 page Graphic Novel anthology that combines a diversity of artistic and writing talent that you cannot afford to miss out on. Bringing to technicoloured life the tale of Ruxby Bear of Toyburg PD as he investigates cases of violence, corruption and murder in a city of toys.

Sound good? Yeah. That’s what we thought too.

Anyway, that’s enough of us babbling! Do yourself a favour and get onto the Kickstarter campaign, see some story samples and find out more. It’s 40% funded, but there’s still plenty of fluffy goodness for you to wrap your head around. Plus, you would be doing some hard-working, independent creators a massive honour by supporting their work.

And that is a very fine thing.

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