The Free Comic Book Day Bananaza!

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Free Comic Book DayFree Comic Book Day. There they are. The four little words that strike joy in the hearts, souls and light sabres of geeks and comic book fans the world over will be resounding loud and clear this weekend.

Whether you will be hanging out with friends in your local comic book store or pouring over the digital offerings on your laptop, there will be a ton of gems out there for you to get your mitts on, Precious!

But while you navigate the treacherous waters of mayhem and joy that be the major publisher offerings, remember there are a few idyllic islands out there, home to independent creators, working tirelessly in their spare and too few hours to bring something a little different to the mainstream and keep Evolution on its toes.

So here’s our set of oars to help you steer a path to Indie Paradise!

It's a Bananaza!

It’s a Bananaza!

For the 24 hours that are Free Comic Book Day we will be offering:

  • FREE print copies of issue #1 of Apes ’n’ Capes (P&P only required, limited number available)
  • UNLIMITED FREE digital copies of issue #1
  • 11% off issues #2 & #3 when bought as a bundle

Find our FCBD deals here

Enjoy a free sample of issue #3 (PDF format)

It’s (not) a trap!

Thank you, and please spread the word!

Gráinne & Matt

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