Episode 3 swings into action!

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*Pre-order Episode 3 from our online store.*

We’ve missed you guys!

But it’s finally here. Currently ink is being applied to pages (by Indie Superheroes UK Comics) and staples binding those pages into something we hope you find readable and enjoyable. It is a labour of love, this whole ape thing. The life of the writer is tied very closely at the moment with events in the real world, where ACTUAL Orangutans are ACTUALLY being released from years of captivity back to the rainforest, which is cooler than cucumbers. (Don’t worry – I’ll try to keep it real and not dress them up in capes before they head off into the trees).

In the Apes ‘n’ Capes world, the circumstances of our main characters are still unfolding. Living moment to moment, one breath at a time, unaware of the future that lies before them, only the danger that surrounds them right now. They act on impulse, on instinct and instinct serves us animals well. We should learn to trust it more. It is there to protect us.

This chapter unearths the weaknesses that compel us to seek each other out. It won’t be obvious at first, but loneliness and isolation are the forces that bring our 3 main protagonists together. To what end? Well, even I don’t know that yet and I’m certainly not going to make anything up!

Hopefully, we’ll see some of you at MCM and we can chat about it a bit more…

You can pre-order Episode 3 from our online store.

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