Episode 3 looms on the horizon

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There are more than two sides to a story

There are more than two sides to a story

Episode 3 is about to go to press and we are pleased to share with you the recently completed cover. Simone Waters is at present the only human to appear in the story (so far!) So what is her purpose in this world seemingly inhabited by orangutans, bears and the lesser species of the rainforest?

Perhaps she is there to remind us that we would not be here were it not for our primate ancestors. Or she is there to guide the lesser species onto the evolutionary path her humanity has already travelled…

Either way, she is a gifted individual in a complex world that has only just begun to reveal its many layers. As she begins to piece the fragments of the world together and her purpose, she will learn that memories are like a knife, and when they cut, they cut very deep indeed.

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