Not the sunniest of dispositions

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The all-seeing nose

The all-seeing nose

In Episode Two, we get to know the Sunbears a little better.

Sporting long, sharp claws and teeth to make the most of the challenging rainforest environment in which they must forage, this omnivore is not to be messed with!

The males can be very aggressive and when it comes to breeding, this is an equally boisterous occasion, with the bears engaging in hugging-like behavior, mock fighting, head bobbing, head nuzzling and barking. (There will be none of that in episode 2 by the way. Sorry to dash your hopes!)

Sun bears are nocturnal animals, usually setting out at dusk in search of anything edible, so they rarely cross paths with their Orangutan counterparts.

Don’t let it’s adorable puppy-like countenance deceive you. The sun bear is known to attack without cause – a rare event as they avoid predators as much as possible. Having such large canines, extremely strong jaws and long claws, it is said to be one of the most dangerous animals to encounter in the jungle.

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