Introducing Dr Simone Waters

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The upcoming episode introduces a human element to the storyline for the first time. Well, you didn’t think it was going to be all apes and bears did you?! Humanity has not spent a considerable period of time at the top of the food chain when set against the expanse of time since life first appeared on Earth. But you couldn’t expect Mother Nature to completely obliterate her finest creation from the evolutionary landscape. Nature can be a cruel mistress indeed, but when truly tested, soft spots can be found…

Keep an eye out in the next week or so for a first glimpse of Simone Waters. You may conclude she doesn’t look in any way special, but remember, in a world where the naturally aggressive Sunbears discuss the future of Tremayne Primatonics and a mysterious ape appears wearing a cape, it’s best not to come to any sudden conclusions.

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