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Lined up for NICE

Another month in the slow but steady progress of Apes ‘n’ Capes sees a journey to the Land of the Moore.

This weekend – 22nd-23rd September – Wicksteed Park plays host to the Northants International Comics Expo. The line-up is impressive to say the least. And attendees get to see Uber Storyteller, Alan Moore, talk about that voodoo that he do so well.

Organised by Jeff Chahal of Close Encounters Comics, the main drive behind the endeavour is to kit out local libraries and boost their shelves with that much loved section of literature known as the graphic novel. (Jeff has amassed over 300 novels from generous attendees so far.)

Thanks in part to Hollywood’s incapacity to drum up any original film concepts of late, transposing the graphic novel and comic book characters onto the big screen has become an even more prolific venture, and reboots of reboots jockey for space on the shelves of geekdom. Graphic novels are enjoying a rise in popularity again – and hopefully, a resurgence of creativity as newcomers try to place their stamp somewhere amongst the collection.

So this weekend, Apes ‘n’ Capes will be found in a marquee with 41 other creators and publishers in Wicksteed Park at Table 21 – touting a second printing of Issue 1 with variant cover and prologue included. Like fellow creators, we hope for the chance to share a piece of our mind with a curious and enthusiastic crowd. For truly, there is no warmer feeling than a stranger letting you into their heads to traverse some hopefully unexplored neural pathways… We’ll let you know how it goes.

– GM

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