The Road to Kapow 2012

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A week today, we will be setting up our table in the artists alley at Kapow Comic-con in London. Though we’ve known we were going for some time now, apprehension is starting to set in as we organise ourselves for the event, and the¬†realisation of what we are getting ourselves into. But it will be good. And fun.

Both of us had weekend tickets for Kapow’s debut event last year – amazingly, the first time either of us had been to a ‘proper’ comic convention. It was an excellent 2 days browsing the sales stalls, artists tables, queuing for screenings, etc. We had just started work on Apes ‘n’ Capes, and we gingerly left promotional cards dotted around the Business Design Centre. I’m pretty sure they all found their way to a landfill somewhere or hopefully, recycled.

The experience must have left a good impression on us because, as soon as it was announced, we booked a table to promote AnC in 2012.

So here we are with 7 days to go. Issue #1 is still fresh from it’s debut last weekend, and we have many copies to sell. I’m busy working on getting posters, flyers, business cards, and artwork prints produced, with few days to spare. We’ll probably wing what we don’t have covered on the day.

But we’re aiming to have fun, and not take it too seriously. We made new friends at the Dead Universe Comics launch last weekend, and hopefully we’ll share some of the experience with them over the 2 days in London.

And that’s really why we’re doing this. Experience. Be it good or bad.

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