Bubbles O’Seven #3 – The Ape Who Punched Me


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So far, 511 aka Bubbles O’Seven, has managed to recapture Dr O and Mr Fluffy. But there is still much to be done to quash the threat to the future of the project. MI7 has tracked Gareth the Gorilla (Specimen 515) to Belfast City who, in a post-experimental haze, thought she would be rendezvousing there with other gorillas keen to right the wrongs of the world.

Bubbles must entice her back to the fold – one way or another.

The Ape Who Punched Me was successfully funded on Kickstarter in March 2017, and released May 2017.

Writer: Grainne McEntee
Art: Mike Hartigan
Colouring: Matt Rooke
Lettering: Mike Stock

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