Bertie Bear and the Dagger of a Thousand Souls #2


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The Bear is BACK!
After accepting the mission, Bertie Bear finds himself and FBI Agent Alice Evergreen, flying across Europe, hot on the trail of the mysterious dagger, but he’s not the only one! The villainous Vampire Cult of Orlock, lead by the Vampiric Fem Fatale, the Rose is also tracking down the ancient artefact, so that she can deliver it to her Evil Dark Wizard/Mob boss Employer, Vince “The Prince” Del Vino!

Who will get to the dagger first?
What will happen when they find it??
And why didn’t these accident civilisations take better care of their dangerous, mystical WEAPONS?!!!!!

**INCLUDES EXCLUSIVE DIGITAL EDITION, 2 PAGE BACK-UP STORY: Insane Adventures: The Tales of the Robot Gentleman…**

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