17 May

Kickstarter Ramblings

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The means to crowdfund a project/idea/concept for which a creator possesses a passion verging on insanity is a wonderful gift. Kickstarter provides that platform to great effect. For those of us who don’t have goliath marketing machines and a bottomless budget to get our idea out to the masses (bar screaming its name – James T. […]

24 March

Bubbles O’Seven – Catharsis

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I’ve loved Bond long, long time. Don’t ask why. It’s as mysterious to me as the basis upon which was founded the idea that eating something that popped out of a chicken’s bum was a good one. It’s usually one long boat chase/car chase/lady chase/cheesy line chase, so I can only conclude that there is […]

6 March

Announcing Bounce

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With the release of a new title – Bubbles O’Seven – we thought that Bounce Comics finally deserved it’s own website. And so, with a few changes here and there, the Apes ‘n’ Capes website has become the Bounce Comics umbrella site. The Apes have been given their own page, and you can still buy […]

8 July

Glasgow Comic Un-Convention-al

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Keywords: Hills. Nice People. Fun. Generosity. Sha Nazir. Honest. Life-loving. Craft beer heaven. Hills. Z Hotel. Dun Fun. T-Rex. Glasgow. A surprisingly upright city despite being built on the side of a hill. If you want something in Glasgow, the city makes you work for it. It takes no prisoners and makes no apologies for […]

21 May

Apes ‘n’ Capes. Why?

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It started with a kiss. Then a squeak. Then some twig-throwing. Swiftly followed by a golden shower from the safety of a tree branch several metres above my head… In an ideal world, this is how a human-ape interaction would play out. But for the most part, many orangutans (and other primates) live in captivity, […]