15 June

Jungle Moves – Excerpt from the Memoirs of Bubbles O’Seven

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The evening was sultry, pitching just the right side of daylight when the insects decided to get excited about the night ahead, offering up their own prayers of protection to the jungle gods, wondering if they would survive until morning or if they would finally behold the bringer of their end. My mother was busy […]

9 May

Enniskillen Comic Fest – A Dreddful Feast!

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  You must wake up at least once a year and first thing ask yourself, “how did I get here?” And no. I don’t mean after sleeping face down in a ditch post mad-crazy night before session. I make a point of doing the above at least once a year. (The former AND the latter.) […]

15 April
27 November
15 October

Between Missions: The Life & Times of a Simian Agent

Back Bubbles O’Seven’s mission on Kickstarter. ON HER MAJESTY’S SIMIAN SERVICE P Branch, MI7 HQ, A Crisp January Morning. Bubbles sauntered into the Professor’s domain, strolling past the rows of desks with the swagger of an ape who knows all eyes are on him. To be fair though, it was as much the swish of […]