20 March

This comic contains scenes of a s*xual nature

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I cannot lay claim to the title of this post. That credit goes to a young man, Mr Joe Molloy, acquainted with the writer’s wife, Erika Cline, the writer in question being Patrick Cline. I couldn’t help but write a little review of Toots Malloy – Blues Ninja, especially as a) it contains animal protagonists […]

13 March

Apes: The Tail So Far

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Apes ‘n’ Capes is a tale of primates – naked and hairy – set in an alternate universe where our evolutionary ancestors are intelligent, underestimated beings on a journey to becoming so much more. But as with any story, of course, there are certain Humans out there who have other plans, plans to keep that […]

10 March

Nothing conventional about this lot!

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Comic Conventions are scattered all over this fair, noble and geek-infested land. Here’s a few the Apes will be attending. Monkeying around compulsory! Come See Us this Weekend! True Believers – Cheltenham – 7th February London Super Comic Con – ExCeL – 14-15th March (Table A5) – LAUNCHING EPISODE 4 OF APES ‘N’ CAPES! Glasgow Comic […]

20 February


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The Computer Assisted Primate Experience is the core of Tremayne Primatonics, originally designed to expand, explore and reveal the true potential of our fellow apes. And if you’ve caught up with our hairy heroes in Episode 4, you’ve probably guessed that there’s more to HANDEL than meets the eye. His talents would be wasted as […]

10 February

First Convention Review of 2015

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It’s important to take time to lend some constructive, objective assessment to attended conventions. Every year, the bigger ones get bigger and the smaller regional ones become more common. We are spoilt for choice in the UK so have be selective. Even more so us little independent creators battling the dark forces of the Big Two to grab […]