10 September

Torsobear Review

In our materialistically-driven pursuit to secure a future for our children, we assign to the backs of our minds the very things that defined our own childhood. It’s all too easy to forget that we once tripped through the life fantastic, a small adult version of maturity yet to be shaped by the experiences that come to […]

5 September

A Dark Fluffy Yarn

Brett Uren’s Kickstarter is running right now for the third and final instalment of the fluffy epic, Torsobear: Back on the Blocks, so I’m writing a twisty versed yarn, in honour of that indomitable officer bear, Ruxby. Little pink bear, without a care, A bright shiny spark in dark, seedy lairs. His faith was tested all the […]

25 August

Specimen 511 fills his pipe and pops some Bubbles

Being an effective agent is all about taking risks. And who better equipped to risk limb and limb in the pursuit of one’s adversaries than a hairy hunk of Bonobo with a love of pipes, sharp suits and the appreciation of a diet dominated by a concoction known as the Leaf Green Smoothie? We’ve been so […]

8 August

2016 Conventions

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With the completion of Bubbles O’Seven first mission and a pending Kickstarter for the second one in September (an MI7 agent’s work marches on…), the Bouncers will be hitting the final quarter of UK comic cons with a vengeance! Below, those we’ll be attending for the remainder of 2016. Hopefully, you’ll be there too.   […]

17 May

Kickstarter Ramblings

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The means to crowdfund a project/idea/concept for which a creator possesses a passion verging on insanity is a wonderful gift. Kickstarter provides that platform to great effect. For those of us who don’t have goliath marketing machines and a bottomless budget to get our idea out to the masses (bar screaming its name – James T. […]